Are you concerned about safety at your grain facility? Consider the Daay Bin Paddle Sweep!

The Daay Bin Paddle Sweep is engineered to the most current specifications in the industry. The sweep has no dangerous augers and simply moves the grain with flexible rubber paddles. 

Explosion proof, all-weather quick change motors and foam-filled, run-flat, tractor tread tires are just a couple of the quality products used to create the Daay Bin Paddle Sweep. The Sweep is designed to be fully submersed in grain, and can be manufactured to fit in bins up to 105’ in diameter.

With the flexible rubber paddles, almost all of the grain is swept from bin floor with the Daay Bin Paddle Sweep. The Sweep also makes for less auger sweep injuries, unnecessary entry into bins, and insurance claims!


• Moves Grain Gently And Evenly To Sump.

• 5,500 Bushels Per Hour Maximum Capacity.

• Non Jack System Allows For Minimal Entry Once  Daay Bin   Paddle Sweep Has Been Started.

• The Tires Are Designed To Slip To Keep The Sweep From Climbing The Pile.  This Allows The Sweep To Clean Very Close To The Floor.

• Housing Is Made Out Of 10 Gauge Material.

• Explosion Proof Motor.

• The Electric Motor Is Protected From Commodities Within The Bin By A Steel Cover.

• Adjustable Chain And Motor Mounts.

• Weight Kits For Increased Traction On The Drive Wheels Come Standard On All Sweeps.

• Pivot Sections On Sweeps Over 24’ In Length.  Allows Sweep To Follow The Contour Of Floor.

• Dual Drives On Sweeps Over 30’ In Length.

• Triple Drives On Sweeps Over 39’ In Length.